Monday, 22 April 2013

About me

And finally, I want to present myself. I'm Mante Makeviciute from small country -  Lithuanian, and small town -  Klaipeda near Baltic sea. English is not my main language, so don't be angry for my little mistakes. :) I'm really active, always searching new activities,  creative, funny, I laugh at life all the time. My biggest hobbies are organization and obviously fashion(although fashion it's not a hobby, it's a life style) .You can see it from my blog. I love fashion, I do fashion, I am fashion. And I don't think that fashion is just a nice clothes from store, It's how you use your creativity, thoughts. Enjoy my blog!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Summer is almost here, so we need something that could emphasize our perfect figures. Best choose Bustier!I love them, it looks so fabulous, so maidenly, wild, casual. Best choise for summer.Different shapes, colors, sizes .. I want it so badly, so I'll buy and show it to you guys. <3
Here's some examples how to wear them:

Maidenly one. Best for them who loves colorful and patterned clothes. Most pink, pastel, flowers prints .

Next one. Wild. Strange bustier structure, animals prints, crosses, beanie.

Ready? Yes! looks amazing for party, feast or other big event. High heels, skirt, bustier, some accessories and you're the queen of the evening.

Casual. Just for every day. Shorts, bustier, boots and here we go - simple but beautiful.


Sunday, 7 April 2013


Perfect Sunday! Just chilling and reading magazines with sweets, searching new ideas.
British Vogue, Cosmopolitan & Glamour and of course Lithuanian Panele.


Friday, 5 April 2013

2014 winter

Dolce & Gabbana Winter 2014-2013

Milan 24th 2013.

This colection left a deep impresion for me, it consists of coats, dresses, skirts - really femenine.
All accessories are magnificent, big ear rings, bags, crowns reminds royal style, cross.. Fabulous shoes with mosaic and sculpted heels.

Beginning reminds me a 6th century Byzantine mosaics. It looks gorgeous. Beautiful cut.

Feminine part - it transitions from colorful to the grim colors: Black, White and Grey. There are a lot of coats and jackets, at least a little bit of winter.

And most dramatic finaly - Vatican RED. It's gorgeous. fantastic dresses with embroideries and stones.

Feels a religic theme. D&G did a good job, like always.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

New as never

       I'm just trying my new cam! What could I say.. Just love my birthday!  :)


 I'm so excited!!! Best presents ever from London. I love my MOM. I made some pictures of them: there's sunglasses, bags, perfume, necklace, nail polish, a bracelet, some hair lotions,  a ring, of course socks,:D. I'm really surprised about 3D nail polish, I'll try it and show to you guys. And omg candy!!!!!!! sugar is my poison...